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 Have you ever wanted to come along on a real paranormal investigation? Try to experience what we do? Learn to use the equipment and ask questions? Here's your chance! As you may know, we conduct investigations for people free of any charge. It's up to us to fund these investigations and equipment. To assist in this, we have created the Tag-a-Long Program.

 To come along with us we have two different payment options below:

 1.) The limited night offer.

 Limited night means you're curious, but not sure if you could handle the whole night/investigation....or maybe you're just low on case. The limited night offer is $10.00 an hour for up to 4 hours. So, stay an hour, or 2. 3 or 4!

2.) Full Investigation offer.

 For this it is a flat rate fee of $50.00. For that you get a guaranteed 5 hours or more. As long as we are there, you are there. You can also be hands on in anyway you wish in the investigation and try things like doing your own EVP session, etc.

 If you have your own gear, camera, etc. you are welcome to bring it. 

 If you're interested in our Tag-a-Long Program, please contact us from the information provided below! (We are in north east Ohio)

 330-389-0609 (Please leave a message).