The Paranormal Research Network (PRN)

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The Paranormal Research Network is a team of professional paranormal investigators founded in 2000. 

 We offer investigative services, council and advice - and are willing to travel further out to help those in need for any paranormal concern or disturbances of the most severe. We are not here to judge or laugh; we know what you're going through and you will be treated with respect and dignity and all matters remain confidential. We've conducted many investigations, from private home requests to businesses and other public places. We work primarily in the Portage County area and surrounding counties. If we deem your case is too far out, we will put you in contact with another team that is closer to your area, as we have a network of connections with other professional groups.

If you believe you have a case that needs attention, please contact our office/Case Manager, Kaycie at 1-330-281-2497. Our Service is FREE! We are also very eager and grateful for any open invitations to any reported haunted locations and historical places! Thanks! You can also find us on Facebook @ParanormalResearchNetwork


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